IKEA Virtual Interior Designer
A whole new home and retail VR application

An immersive virtual reality experience that transforms the way people shop IKEA products – both on their own couch and in-store. With new ways of exploration and visualization, IKEA opens customers’ minds and homes to new possibilities.

Available on the Oculus Store, the application brings the best IKEA has to offer straight into people’s homes through a hyper-realistic experience – enhanced by room-scale movement and binaural sound. Simultaneously, integration at a growing number of IKEA stores transcends the traditional retail experience into a personal and emotional visit that provides value far beyond the transactional moment.
The application opens a highly intimate channel for continuous inspiration: Allowing IKEA to connect better with their customers by instilling new and aspirational ways of living around each moment the user creates.
Through an intuitive UI, users can try different fabrics, swap the wall color and configure kitchen and living room assets. They can even change the time of day and set the mood with lights to see their creation in a completely different ambience. With hundreds of options to choose from, the interactive playground not only caters to each customer individually, it inspires greater confidence to help them make decisions.
Customers are enabled to take their creation and favorite products along on their smartphone for later or direct purchase. A panorama of their personal room is also made available for social sharing. With its seamless ecommerce integration, its high level of detail and the real-time interaction, the VR experience will represent an engaging and valuable touchpoint within the consumer’s journey. The application is a crucial part not only in IKEA’s omnichannel strategy, but also in the digital transformation of its point-of-sales.

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